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Accountability without training?

How would you answer the question, “Where did you get your training to be a parent?”   Most of us would say that we learned what to do – or NOT TO DO – from our own parents/guardians/grandparents.  For the majority, that’s been adequate to get us through our own attempt at good parenting. Most of what we truly learn about parenting is learned “on the job.”

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Suppose you were asked the same question about your personal finance training – where did you receive that education? Most people never receive this education either and most parents don’t involve their children in the daily, monthly or annual activities of managing the finances. So how have most learned to manage this aspect of life? Again, to a large extent – it’s been OJT.

Step back for a moment and take a look at these two responsibilities.  These have to be at the top of the list of the most critical skills to get us through this lifetime, right?  How can such important expertise be relegated to learn as you go? The fact is, for the most part, they are.

Let’s focus on the personal financial management aspect of our lives. How many of us would be willing to put our annual tax returns on our front door for others to review? How about posting your monthly spending/savings profile for your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn connections to view? The painful truth is we’re more inclined to talk to close friends/family about personal matters such as medical issues, parenting, family member conflicts, daily fears, intimacy issues and just about anything else than to discuss our personal finances – it doesn’t get any more private.

So let’s poPrivate Image_se this challenge. You’re asked to do something well – you’ve never been trained on it, you know very little about it, you won’t talk to others about it, you really don’t know what “doing it well” looks like and your life(style) depends on it – sounds like an unfair challenge, doesn’t it?  It is. And the unfortunate reality is that we beat ourselves up when we don’t do well at it.  In actuality, as was pointed out, what does doing it well look like? Are we ever done? If we take a break from it, can it hurt us?

The biggest hurdle we face at Teske Financial Services (TFS) is getting the people introduced to us through existing clients to make the call or reply to the e-mail recommending our services – even when it’s a family member or a trusted friend.  Finances are private. Thankfully, privacy is a policy & practice with TFS. Once the conversation is started, the potential client understands that there are thousands of others out there trying to reach or preserve a secure retirement and not knowing how.

Fortunately, Teske Financial was founded for the purpose of working with clients to provide them the financial education and tools to design and implement intelligent and sound personal financial habits. We work with business owners, individuals and families.  AndPers Fin Training Grade because our relationship with clients is established for a lifetime, we’re now meeting with the young adult children of these clients to provide the same services and start them out with a solid foundation of successful personal financial management skills. This helps with the parenting and with getting younger people educated for a secure future.

Take a look around our site. You’ll get a better idea of what we can do for you.  Then select the “Contact Us” button and let us know how we can help.  You can hold yourself accountable ONCE you’ve received the training. You’ll become confident enough that you’re doing the right things, you may even want to share about it with others – imagine that – getting the education and not being afraid to discuss personal finances. It can happen…
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